The Association

The FGE is affiliated with the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics (IAEW) at RWTH Aachen University. The association exists since 1958 and its task is to promote research at RWTH Aachen University in the field of energy supply. Further, the FGE promotes exchange of practical experiences between its members, the scientific experience of young engineers and professional training through reports and conferences.

The organs of the FGE are the board of the trustees and the membership meeting:

  • The Chairman of the board of the trustees is Mr. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Schneider, Member of board of management of RWE International SE.
  • In charge of executive board is Mr. Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Moser, Leader of the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics (IAEW) of RWTH Aachen University.
  • The FGE has current more than 70 company members form energy suppliers, network operators, manufacturers and consultants.


General meeting

Board of trustees

Dr.-Ing. J. Schneider (CEO)
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Moser (Managing Director)
T. Brinker
Dr.-Ing. J. Büchner
Dipl.-Ing. W. Fischer
Dipl.-Ing. M. Jesberger
Dipl.-Ing. T. Meyerjürgens
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. mult. U. Rüdiger
Dr.-Ing. M. Schumacher
Dr.-Ing. D. Spohn
Dr. R. Oertel (FGE - Beauftragte)

Annual report

The research results will be published in annual reports:


FGE Statute

The statutes of the FGE can be downloaded in PDF format: